Thanks to Wardah White Secret Night Cream, Brighter and Smoother Face!

If you are confused about choosing a halal night cream product, then Wardah White Secret Night Cream can be your choice. Wardah night cream is formulated with Matryxil to prevent aging of the skin, can make skin brighter and smoother. Want to know more about Wardah White Secret Night Cream? Following the review!

Wardah White Secret Night Cream


The packaging of Wardah night cream is not much different or even the same as the day cream packaging. The shape is in the form of a glass jar which is actually less practical when taken away and unhygienic. But overall, from the glass and white-silver color packaging, this Wardah night cream package is elegant and exclusive.

Wardah White Secret Night Cream is a glass jar that looks luxurious and elegant


Wardah's night cream texture is white and feels light when applied to facial skin. Although cream, but not too creamy so it does not leave a sticky feeling but quickly absorbed in the skin. For those who don't like fragrance on skincare it might be a little annoyed because Wardah's night cream contains fragrance but it's still soft.

The texture of Wardah White Secret Night Cream cream feels light and absorbs quickly into the skin

Ingredients and Benefits

Wardah White Secret Night Cream which serves to accelerate the process of enlightenment, improve skin texture and inhibit the process of formation of melanin as well as to make the skin smoother. This is because of some of its ingredients, such as:

Anti oxidant complex which functions to protect the skin from free radicals.

Active white crystals inhibit the process of melanin formation which can make skin look dull and dark.

Vitamin B3 which can reduce black spots on the face.

A dual action hydrating agent that moisturizes, brightens and maintains skin balance.

Anti irritant for enlightenment process that is safe and irritation free.

How to use

To use Wardah night cream as the name implies, of course at night. Apply to the face that has been cleaned before going to sleep. Apply just a thin layer and smooth it to all areas of the face and neck. Avoid the area around the eyes.

The price of Wardah White Secret Night Cream is approximately Rp. 98,000, you can buy it at the cosmetics store or online.

Source: Beautynesia


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