6 Tips for Having a Minimalist Kitchen

Even though we don't cook often, the kitchen remains one of the most frequently used rooms in the house. Therefore, the kitchen must have an attractive and beautiful appearance. Unfortunately, often we have too much stuff in the kitchen. At first, we were only interested in buying these items. But in the end, these items are not used too often so that it becomes a pile in the kitchen. If we can get rid of items that are not used, of course our kitchen will be minimalist kitchen. Consider the following 6 tips so that our kitchen becomes minimalist and enchanting.

1. Get rid of the Microwave from the Kitchen

Maybe, at first we wondered why we had to get rid of the microwave from the kitchen. However, over time we will realize that the function of the microwave can be replaced by other kitchen equipment. For example, like a stove or oven. Keep in mind, cooking food with a microwave does require a shorter time. But on the other hand, microwaves can also reduce the taste and quality of food. It's different if we use a stove or oven. If you don't use a microwave, you will also minimize the consumption of instant foods and packaged foods. Therefore, do not hesitate to move our microwave to another place.

2. Reducing the Number of Knives in the Kitchen

Many people have around 27 knives displayed in their kitchens. In fact, the number of knives is too much for daily cooking needs. At first, we might only have 6 to 7 knives. But because we are tempted by new products, we finally become knife collectors. In fact, for cooking, we only need about 3 types of knives. Keep in mind, we are not chefs who need a lot of cooking utensils. So, we don't need to display our knives on the kitchen table.

3. Only Storing Used Tableware

Just like a knife, maybe we also often collect tableware. However, in reality, these habits make the kitchen full and messy. We don't need dozens of dishes and various types of wine glasses. Simply adjust the cutlery to the number of families in your home. Having 2 to 3 glasses for each person is enough.

4. Getting Rid of Complementary Tools in the Kitchen

To have a minimalist kitchen, we must be able to distinguish kitchen tools that are truly useful and those that are not. For example, we have to choose between a vegetable peeler mat and an onion press tool. Another example is the existence of an avocado peeler that can actually be replaced by an ordinary knife.

As technology develops, more and more types of kitchen equipment are produced. However, not all of the equipment we must have. We must be selective in choosing simple but high quality kitchen utensils.

5. Reducing the Number of Cookware

Many of our friends and family members are crazy about collecting kitchen utensils. However, we must not be influenced by them. Cookware in the kitchen does not require a large amount and large size. We have enough equipment that we really need. For example, such as pans, ovens, and fryers. That way, we can save space in our kitchen.

6. Storing Goods Correctly

The key to creating a minimalist kitchen is how to store things in the kitchen. After we get rid of things in the kitchen, we have to think about how to store them. In this case, we must be creative. Try to provide a special shelf for storing cooking spices so that the kitchen looks attractive. In addition, we can also provide glass tubes for storage. If necessary, also provide a hanging rack. Try to make the location of items easily accessible but does not make the kitchen become narrow.



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