10 Easy Ways to Whiten Yellow Teeth Naturally

Having clean white teeth that are handled is the willingness of each human being to enhance their appearance. Beyond that, it will provide confidence support for making smiles at people. But what happens when our teeth look yellow? Oww, of course, confidence to smile will shrink. And smiles that should be beautiful should be blocked by teeth that look yellow. Beyond that with yellow teeth, one would suspect if we are not diligent, not keeping clean. Therefore, from now on you must be diligent and regularly maintain teeth.

Yellowing teeth can be caused by several things, even though they are diligently brushing teeth regularly but still the teeth look yellow which causes less appearance. Indeed, there are currently many products offered to whiten teeth quickly, but you should not be easily convinced because teeth whitening that has chemicals can actually cause problems with teeth and gums.

Before we know the steps to deal with teeth that are yellow and uncomfortable to watch, hehehe. it is better if we correct the triggers that may be present in us, until the teeth look yellow: Lazy in brushing teeth

  • Wrong brushing practices.
  • Most of the consumption of caffeine in coffee and tea.
  • Active smoker.
  • Using teeth whitening drugs that are not right.

Tips on whitening yellow teeth naturally

1. Orange Peel

In fact orange peel has benefits for whitening yellow teeth. As well as the trick is so easy that is enough to rub orange peels on your teeth. However, for those of you who have teeth that are sensitive to orange peels, this is not recommended.

2. Charcoal

Wood charcoal has been used by several people to whiten teeth in earlier times. But you must be vigilant when wearing it. Can not be too excessive because it can actually cause tooth decay and gum.

3. Siwakan

Siwak is a tool or tree branch used by some people long ago to clean teeth long ago. However, try to use siwak whose stems are not too rough and hard because it can cause tooth decay and gum.

4. Vegetables and fruit

Consumption of fruits and vegetables such as apples, strawberries and carrots is claimed to have ingredients that can whiten your teeth. The trick is to eat and chew fruits and vegetables as usual.

5. Herb bay leaves and Orange Peel

You can also use traditional ingredients to whiten teeth. The trick is to use bay leaves and orange peel. Dry the salan leaves and orange leaves in the sun, after it is dry, then mash it smoothly, then add a little water to a paste. Then you only need to use it as an alternative to toothpaste.

6. Strawberry

Not only delicious, strawberries are useful for whitening teeth naturally. Consumption of fruits and vegetables such as strawberries, apples, carrots, and celery are also useful natural ingredients for teeth whitening. You do not need to make special ingredients, just eat as usual, and your teeth will look healthy and white.

7. Lemon and Salt

But make a toothpaste made from natural that is from lemon juice with a little salt added. This natural toothpaste is recognized to help whiten your teeth. But remember not often, because salt can cause damage to the composition of the teeth.

8. Areca Seeds

Betel nut is useful for maintaining our teeth. Areca nut seed is believed by the community to be helpful for whitening teeth. The trick is to burn areca seeds until charred and then mashed until smooth. Then rub the fine betel nut into our teeth by using areca nut or cotton cloth. Work 2 weeks. And look forward to the results. Oh yes, not only can whiten teeth, betel nuts can strengthen teeth you know!

9. Milk

Did you know, some milk products sold in the market such as cheese or other types of food (yogurt) that have high calcium content will be good for consumption to help whiten and strengthen our teeth. So multiply to consume foods that have high calcium content, especially milk.

10. Regular Toothbrushes

The final guide is to try to brush your teeth every day about 3x, or a minimum of 2x a day ie in the morning, afternoon and at night before you sleep, and don't forget to choose a toothbrush that is safe for your gums. Good brushing requires a minimum of 3 minutes for general time. Even brushing your teeth does not need hard because it can cause damage to your gums. Work this good routine regularly so that your dental health is still awake.

Thus our article about Easy Steps to Whiten Yellow Teeth Naturally Quickly, please try and hopefully can be successful in making your teeth whiter and healthier, hopefully useful.


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